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When he confronted her about it, members of the media took pictures of Leslie and Dexhart together and speculated that the two of them were having an affair. Dave apologized for his behavior and accepted the situation, being glad to know that Leslie is happy. Leslie ultimately solved the problem by turning Pawnee's side of the park into a wiffle ball field and making the fence its home run wall. Later, however, it is confirmed that he is a real person because he also acts as the off-screen therapist to Craig Middlebrooks.

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  • Jessica made major alterations to the historic mansion, and Leslie unsuccessfully tried to intervene to stop her.
  • Donna Meagle Retta is an employee for the parks and recreation department.
  • Also, Ann noticed from the picture that Joe had the mumps.
  • George goes home because he was falling asleep and Leslie starts to leave, but an intoxicated Mark asks her to stay and have a beer with him.

Based solely on her physical attractiveness, Trish was favored by the panel of judges, which included Tom Haverford and Jessica Wicks. Later that evening, Leslie realizes the dinner with year-old George Gernway Ron Perkins is actually a blind date set up by her mother. When Tom voted for the beautiful Trish Ianetta but Leslie pushed for a smarter but less attractive contestant, the superficial Jessica sided with Tom. Tom Haverford attempts to pitch his cologne to Dennis while there. Mullally improvised the move and did not tell the crew she planned to do it.

Leslie then enlists Ron's eccentric mother also named Tammy in a drinking contest to drive Tammy I away once and for all. Posey previously starred with Amy Poehler in the comedy film Spring Breakdown. The majority of Parks and Recreation episodes are set in Pawnee, and most of the recurring and supporting characters are friends of the main characters or residents of the town. She also agrees to help Leslie with her campaign and temporarily becomes her campaign manager.

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  1. Ron Swanson Nick Offerman is the parks and recreation director, although he allows Leslie to do almost all the real work in the department.
  2. She had been in discussions with the Parks and Recreation staff to make a guest appearance since the show debuted, and grew frustrated when it took several months before she received an invitation.
  3. In season six, however, she is recalled and returns full-time to work in the Parks and Recreation department.

Leslie was humiliated, but Dave comforted her the next day and they continued dating. Rather than try to pick up Lucy like the other girls, he simply acts like himself, and the two end up hitting it off and started dating. Detlef Schrempf is a real-life retired basketball player for the Indiana Pacers who portrays himself on Parks and Recreation. Collins was originally expected to appear only in one Parks and Recreation episode, but returned for subsequent episodes because the writing staff enjoyed her performance.

Ann speed dating parks and rec

Harris Cooper Thornton is a doctor who works at the hospital with Ann Perkins. Jerry is clumsy, overweight and often mangles his speech while speaking publicly. She begins to date a lot of different men soon thereafter and acts distant towards Leslie. When she confesses this fear to Ron, he assures her that, while Leslie is a loyal friend and colleague, he could never have any romantic feelings towards her.

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With that in mind, the two head up to the fourth floor with Leslie and April in tow. However, they are unable to read it. Lindsay was ultimately impressed with Leslie's solution and her work ethic, and she seemed to respond positively when Leslie offered a reconciliation. He then handcuffed Ben in the bathroom, but Ben had access to his cell phone and called Leslie, face who then sat down for a friendly but firm chat with Dave where she said she was in love with Ben.

Tired of their constantly sarcastic behavior, and growing more romantically interested in Andy, April breaks up with them. His return brought excitement and joy to all of Pawnee, except for Ben, who didn't understand what made him so special. When that campaign successfully ends in Washington D.

Ann Perkins

Leslie was offered the parks director job in Eagleton but did not accept it due to this pact. Nonetheless, he is known for laughing raucously when Ben makes accounting puns, often calling in an unseen character named Ted to hear the pun after he laughs at it. Ron eventually realized he was being manipulated and, with Leslie's help, plum dating resisted Tammy's efforts.

Chris Traeger

Paul Schneider made up his own dialogue during the scene in which he and Poehler sit next to the pit and he talks about it as if it is already a park. He is hesitant at first and turns to Ben Wyatt and others to help him make a decision. Brandi was also brought on as a guest and, to Leslie's chagrin, compared Leslie's painting to pornography and defended them both. Leslie and Ron are feuding over the Newport land rights at this time, and Jamm is the swing vote on the issue.

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Ann Perkins

This inadvertently caused Ann to meet Leslie after Ann attends a city hall meeting to demand the pit be filled in. The two are married in an extremely fast-paced wedding filmed on April's phone and with highlighter pens acting as a bouquet. Only Leslie objected to Trish and unsuccessfully argued for Susan, lko an intelligent and talented contestant who was less pretty.

Continue at your own risk. Chris's anxiety improves under his care. However, he later states the food is incredible and asks Tom if he can be a minority investor, to which Tom coolly replies that he will give Dr. She is also the former girlfriend of Tom Haverford. The producers decided to cut the moment, chloe dating so the audience would find out at the same time Leslie learns it.

He works at an unnamed accounting firm in Pawnee. Chris Traeger is an auditor, sent by the Indiana state government in Indianapolis, who comes in to Pawnee to review the town's funds at the end of the second season along with his partner Ben Wyatt. This marked the first time someone on the show directly let Orin know they didn't like him. Ron and Diane's baby, John Swanson, is born later in the season.

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After Chris takes her hand, she thinks their relationship is back on and Chris corrects her. Phipps said he believed the show would become very popular in the second season, and that people would later claim to like the first season more than they did the first time they saw it. Marcia uses fear-mongering tactics and often expresses racist and homophobic sentiments. Buddy Wood Sean Hayes is a journalist from Indianapolis that does an annual special where he profiles five political candidates from around Indiana.

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Albright said it would only be realistic for a city planner to lower a speed bump if a large number of residents complained about it. The scenes about Mark's efforts to have a speed bump lowered were inspired by Scott Albright, a California city planner who works as a consultant on the show. Jerry Gergich says that he is fine with the two of them dating, much to Chris Traeger's delight.

Ann Perkins

It turns out he did it with such kindness that she never knew their relationship was over. During one scene, Andy goes through a list of previous names his band has had. Pratt said he went through about fake band names during the take.

Saperstein's offer some time and thought. She had a son, Oliver, on Galentine's Day. She makes several more appearances in the seventh and final season, encouraging Ben to run for governor of Indiana. Although Linda seemed to have a connection with Chris, she went home with Ron, revealing her attraction to him, for the entire night. Ben Wyatt Adam Scott is Leslie's husband.

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Jhonny invites her to go with him to Venezuela, his country and attend her like a princess full of luxuries and acts. Tammy and Ron ended up having a night of drunken sex and mayhem, which ended with the two of them getting remarried. He has an extremely sarcastic personality and responds to everything in a deadpan manner. It is also known that his parents separated through death or divorce and at least one remarried at some point as he mentioned he has a step brother who lives in London. She decides she is tired of waiting for her perfect man and decides to start a family by herself.

Chris Traeger
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He also received an honorary degree from Notre Dame. As Mark starts to leave, he falls into the pit. She lives on the farm Ron grew up on, and has an entire room devoted to guns. He is convicted of crimes that Leslie tries to prove him guilty of, but he refuses to admit. He states that he believes he could possibly be the first human being to live to years old, and that his heart could pump jet fuel.

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