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Mojdeh of Fireworks Wednesday is a fairly tragic version. West Indies cricket match at Old Trafford. Thankfully, she outgrows this mindset and becomes a more mature person as the show goes on. The relationship received widespread attention in the British media. Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard.

Literature Matt's ex Liz Tivoli in The Affix has been stalking him since he dumped her months ago, sometimes showing up on his dates. Presumably, her obsession with Kyousuke is so strong that she only cares about his opinion or her perception of his opinion.

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Ianto Jones from Torchwood typifies this trope throughout the second and third series of the show in relation to the more free-wheeling Captain Jack. The play begins with the three women getting ready for a night out and then moves into a series of self-contained sketches. Suppose you did scare that girl out of town, would that get your lieutenant back? Obviously, trying to get him and herself killed on the barricade is taking clinginess to an extreme level, but she had lost all hope at that point. An alternate spelling for her first name is Linzi, which was mostly used by British publications prior to her American modelling debut.

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Bill Hickock, a close friend of Calamity, understands what it will do to her if she succeeds in scaring Katie off and tries to help her gain some Character Development in that department. She's always been jealous that Petyr Baelish loved her sister, Catelyn, who didn't love him back. Unfortunately on top of her clingy ways, the Affix pulls her into the ongoing fray whether she wants to be involved or not. It stands out even more as by now she knew the Doctor had companions before her.

Admittedly she's his wife, but most partners draw the line at threatening their husband-to-be with a. Esther towards her adoptive father in Orphan. Her jealous nature was tempered in later relationships, partly because she wore the pants by that time. Smillie flew to Cape Town for the photo shoot. Kennedy does not take any potential rivals to Willow well at all.

Buffy was frequently jumping to conclusions about Angel being involved with Drusilla or Cordelia or Faith. Especially the way she shows up in Tyler's room, claiming to have read his emails. If Kyousuke, the victim of her entirely one-sided affection, so much as speaks another girl's name in front of her, she starts threatening to murder said girl. Lysa Tully from A Song of Ice and Fire takes this to such an extreme that, when her husband makes entirely unwanted advances on her barely teenage niece, she tries to shove her off a castle.

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Ritchie says she's like this with every girl Kalak has contact with. She was in her third trimester with twins and he was still waffling!

Smillie has also lent her name to various endorsements. She has since gone on to perform in several other hardcore lesbian features. Seems as though Stefan has a habit of attracting obsessive, jealous, single muslim dating australia online psychotic and clingy girls.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie

Hitomi mostly shows her interest in Shin by losing her temper and taking it out on him each time there is any indication he may start something with one of the other women. He didn't even kiss said woman. It seems that no matter if Elena is in a relationship with Damon, she will always be possessive of Stefan and be envious and jealous towards any girl that looks Stefan's way.

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In fact, she doesn't like it whenever the person she has a crush on is close with another woman. But she does display this behavior quite well later in the same book, as well as subsequent ones. And she sets his gift for her on fire in a trash bin and knocks it over his bed.

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