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Spray with Na-bicarbonate C. To increase the stability of the lower denture, A.

Accumulation of tissue fluid E. Distal pressure and movement D. Feel the coronal end of the attached tissues E.

Use colour change tape daily and spore test monthly E. To aid in establishing the occlusal vertical dimension and to adjust the condylar guides of the articulator so that they are equivalent to the condylar paths of the patient. Raising a lingual flap will increases the incidence of neurapraxia but will reduce the incidence of neurotmesis with respect to the lingual nerve C. Alloy with high modulus of elasticity B. Spirochaetes and eikenella corrodes C.

Refer for haematological screening E. Are more resilient than plastic acrylic B. The stress at the proportional limit B. Food that encourage the mastication will increase the number of lymphocytes in saliva and thus reduce decay D.

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All deciduous teeth and the first permanent molars D. The current intensity is too high B. Tooth inclination and crowding D.


Which of the following is a major disadvantage to immediate complete denture therapy, A. Presence of lymphocytes C. What is the correct sequence of events A. Use round bur to flatten the floor C. They supply fibrin stabilizing factors E.

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Type I allergic reaction B. Introducing Dental Implants - Free. Gingivitis of local aetiological origin E. Dry the cavity thoroughly before doing anything C.

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Kine-matic face bow is used for recording to locate A. The transfer of stress by Tensile Action employs T. Jaw relation of an edentulous patient has been established. Applying Stressbreakers B. In the pulpchamber opposite the mesio distal fissure of the buccal cusp C.

Use teeth with narrow Buccal-Lingual dimension B. Assure predictable clasp retention C. Maintaining tissue support of the distal extension D.

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Usual radiolucency between tooth root and surrounding bone as a thin white line. What is the common appearance of vertical tooth fracture? Initiation, proliferation, histodifferentiation, morphodifferentiation, tdu game mineralization B. Which of the following should be considered? The inter occlusal distance will be physiologically acceptable after treatment B.

Silver nitrate in gelatine E. Loss of sensation in the lower lip may be produced by, A. Self curing will distort the denture B.

Removal of caries has exposed the pulp C. Mandible to cranial base B.

Check response for an electrical stimulant C. Treatment of fibrous dysplasia consists of, A. Complete calcification of pulp chamber C.

Biopsy is least useful in the diagnosis of, A. Left body of the mandible C. Online shopping for Oral Surgery from a. Excision of the fistula and surgical closure E.

Download Dental Books for Free. Always associated with trauma to the lateral side of the tongue E. Thrombocytopenic purpura D. Congenital cardiac disease D. Posterior dorsal surface D.

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The movement of the appliance from the points of initial contacts to path of final rest position B. Proliferation, morphodifferentiation, histodifferentiation, mineralization D. Idiopathic failure of eruption, surgical soft tissues exposure C.

The maxillary ridge will get more bone lost from the palatal aspect than the buccal C. Pulpotomy using formocresol D. Irregularly outlined areas of hyperkeratosis of the dorsal surface of the tongue B.

This is the title of your first post. Perio abscess like appearance B. Increase concentration of fluoride in solutions B.

Use air for visual inspection C. Slight touch in the balancing side B. Compared with the pre-resorption state, the mandibular ridge will lose more bone from the lingual aspect than the buccal one.

Silicon lining material A. Assist the biding of lamina dura E.

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