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Another bride was ecstatic her wedding day had come at last. The izaar is often of either very fine blue or grey stripes and is known as susi. The grooms were led in by a band wearing kilts, a legacy of Scottish soldiers sent to India during the British Raj. Even the fabrics themselves might be golden in colour. Indeed a thriving mini industry has grown as women of the community have turned the rida into a fashion icon for the community.

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Both men and women have instantly identifiable clothing that blends Islamic requirements for modesty with the use of modern fabrics and colours. They are sometimes edged with a crochet border which can be white or coloured. The rida fulfils the Islamic requirement for limiting the exposure of the woman's figure whilst remaining pleasing to the eye.

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In a Bohra majlis communal gathering the colour must be white. The photos depict a mass wedding held in Mumbai, patterns of dating abuse in which Bohra Muslim couples were married all at once. Ridas are now made to cater for every need of the Bohra woman.

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The kurta-saya is predominantly white and tailored using all kinds of fabrics both plain and patterned.

Other colours have also started to be used more frequently though mainly for outings, work or travel. The plain white kurta saya that is used in majlis or special prayer functions might also be starched. Embroidery is also common around the collar and down the central edges of both garments. Untold are the times that rida wearing ladies will have been asked, in countries across the world, where it is that they come from and what a truly beautiful dress it is that they are wearing. Most of those taking part were local, but some came from abroad.

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More than couples from the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community have taken part in a mass wedding in Bombay Mumbai. For women the rida has become a trademark Bohra garment the like of which is not found anywhere else in the Muslim world.

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Mass Dawoodi Bohra Wedding in Mumbai