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Overall, I really enjoyed this book and found myself wishing it was longer. So, outrageous plot twist notwithstanding, welcome songs mp3 I really very much enjoyed this book. At least it will be easy to redo the monogrammed towels.

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Down to you has almost all of the above one point is debatable and I still loved it. Down To You was a quick and fast read for me. Olivia has to strip him down to nothing and her immediate attraction to this stranger scares her. The next book already looks good!

Down to You

Poi lo fanno in aperta campagna su un quod. However, they all too often came off as rather stilted and one dimensional. That said, I can see why many loved this story. Maybe she should run for her life! Might I suggest a variety of body washes?

Down to You

And most of the wreckage revolves around two guys. No entiendo mucho las megavaloraciones de este libro. Poi ancora, sempre di notte, Cash si infila nel letto di Liv e inizi a fare sesso con lei non riuscendo a capire se sia sveglia o no. That woulda been kinda cool.

Yep, I'm making a fool of myself. Everyone really has to meet the Davenport twins. He's also dating a girl who works at said law firm.

The man with Marissa introduces himself as Nash, Cash's twin brother. Cercare di non far diventare le cose troppo strane? Nash is Marissa's boyfriend and Cash owns the hot local nughtclub.

And he soon leaves no doubt that he wants her just as much as his brother, regardless of his girlfriend. So I knew i would have to read this. You can definitely see how conflicted Olivia can be with both men being great in their own ways. Well, the book was hot like bend me over the bar hot and entertaining with a strong plot, but nothing just made it really stand out for me. It's chock-full of witty, angsty, intriguing, and sexy scenes.

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After briefly meeting Olivia on separate occas This review was posted on My Secret Romance It's not what you want, but what you need. One of them is a up and coming lawyer, the other is the irresponsible, bad boy owner of a night club. Entertaining but didnt entirely believe their connection towards each other. But that being said, pleeeeeeease Ms. But Olivia is done getting her heart broken by bad boys.

The sex was scrumptious and who doesn't want to get lost for a night in a fantasy of being coveted by two hot, yet different twins? This book was totally utterly filthy friday material.

Olivia knows what better choice is, from having an awful experience with a bad boy. This is before the twist comes into play. Adult Romance Torn between two brothers.

They both are in her head, in her heart and they both make her crazy for them. Unless it's a menage book, which this wasn't. New Adult is a tricky genre for me and they are usually hit or miss. So your twins are named Cash and Nash. Tattoos, a rocking body, sexy accent and the even the way he talks, omg, Olivia is one lucky gal!

Nash is already taken by her pompous cousin Marissa, and Cash is the one thing that she promised herself to never to go after again. Olivia can be shy, but when challenged, she can be bold and determined. Otherwise, I might embarrass myself by stripping off all my clothes and climbing across the bar to wind all my body parts around him. Sexier than-all-get-out Cash! Immediately it gets all fuzzy with hormones.

Olivia's old flat mate has her hen party in this club and they have a stripper come in. Even though Olivia is still infuriated with Cash and what he did, she can't fight the attraction completely. No joke, I had several theories. Lupton rated it it was amazing. All he has to do is continue to work towards them, so he does.

Author M. Leighton

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In my head, I envision myself as a comical cartwheel of flailing arms and legs. It was great getting inside their minds and seeing where they were at.