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How you know you re dating a woman not a girl

She will not stay if you disrespect her. But I do not seek the approval of others via a selfie.

While I do understand there is a fine line between being friends, lovers, and nothing, I believe that respect and trust go a long way. If she wants something she will get it herself.

She seeks the attention of others via massive amounts of selfies. This type of action is worrisome. Lying, stealing, and cheating.

She draws inspiration from pop culture and wants the latest nails, hair trends and fashion as seen on A-list celebrities. Sure, that Louis Vuitton handbag looks great tucked under her spray-tanned skin and dyed hair, but if she worries about paying rent this month, her priorities are clearly out of order.

Wedding Digest Naija Are you dating a girl or a woman? Trends A woman is not so keen on following the latest trends. However, a woman will never betray your confidences and would do her best to show you her trustworthiness. Her clothes will be elegant and classy unlike those of a girl. Some of my best friends are girls.

Women know how important they are and so they will never play mind games or beat around the bush. Independence A girl will always look for another person to depend on but a woman knows that her own independence is essential and that she needs to be able to look after herself, accommodating strategy with or without you.

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Until next time, live well. Matter of fact, you can even go on bills or she will be willing to take the tab and treat you once in a while when you go on a date night. Google Whatsapp Pinterest Reddit Stumbleupon Most men want to be with a person who has matured and has their life sorted. She will occasionally check her Facebook and perhaps Instagram where she has only a few followers albeit she would rather keep herself busy with other things.

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She thinks she knows everything A girl who is not fully mature will actually believe that she knows all that there is to know about anything under the sun. All her friends will know soon enough. Knowledge A woman is more knowledgeable on global affairs.

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Welcome to the world of social media. And if it is, you should probably seek medical attention. Get notified when stories like this are published Yup.

She consistently talks about her ex-boyfriends. The way you represent yourself while out on the town still exists the next day.