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It is a complex country and the book helps us understand that complexity. It had long existed as a vassal to the Mughal Empire, and this treaty was inherited by the British Raj. It is no mean task to select issues that need to be covered, in order to be representative of the government, the nation, and ultimately the populace. In part, it also subjected me to much chagrin, at the knowledge of just how much I didn't know about my own country. The Bengali's of East Pakistan did not have political representation, and were long abused by Islamabad.

Gandhi sorely wished to see India and Pakistan unite as one nation, but his wish was ultimately dashed. Not saying that I think Nehru was a failure, but Id have liked to have heard a mock debate between the pro and anti Nehru factions as well as the pro and anti Gandhi factions. Ramachandra Guha writes compellingly of the myriad protests and conflicts that have peppered the history of free India.

Part V deals with the events of the last two decades, that is, with processes still unfolding. The author is a known worshipper of Jawaharlal Nehru and the high praise for him is a constant throughout the book even while dealing with the matters of the s and early s. Anecdotes throughout the book reveal the extensive research done by the author and his eye for details. During this time, ethnic and religious tensions again flared, resulting in conflicts across the country, and violent communal violence.

Instead, in the whole book you find the authors opinion on how congress struggle or manage India. India now has many political parties, but they focus on simply furthering one group's agenda, based on their caste, religion, province, or otherwise. Then keep a second book mark back in the notes section. But how it still survives?

He at least attempted to foster Hindu-Muslim unity, even though all of his successors continue to struggle with the same dilemmas. Since then, India has come a long way. However, she moved away from her authoritarian past, as she required coalition support to ensure an electoral majority.

India After Gandhi Pdf Download -India After Gandhi by Ramchandra Guha

The system of regional states within India was difficult, as many individual groups vied for their own independent states. But what about the events after that, that rocked us and shaped our destiny, of what and who we are today. It is like those Marvel movie after credit scenes that we all pretend to understand, and then silently google afterwards. All the economic considerations and plans were also new to me, as were details of Indira Gandhi's and Rajiv Gandhi's governments.

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The Lokayukta bill Ombudsman law has not seen the day of light, since first being introduced many decades ago. They make you fell nostalgic of an event even when you never were there in the first place. Especially in the last part.

It was deeply hurting from the communal riots incited as a result of the partition. Unfortunately the book is extremely underwhelming for those who have more than passing interest in political history of India. Even details on wars was not properly mentioned.

It is no more a single country than the Equator. It is fascinating to see how much of all this depended on few people, most notably Jawaharlal Nehru, an amazing politician, which I hadn't known before.

India After Gandhi Pdf Download -India After Gandhi by Ramchandra Guha

He faced challenges from Hindu Nationalists. It is estimated more than one million people died in this communal violence throughout India and Pakistan. Tranvacore was another valuable Princely state.

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The question is how did it get to where it is now? Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Kahn. You will find half of book dedicated to nehru and as a fan on Nehru writer give his super human abilities of solving everything. Changes and growth in specific sectors, and specific areas of the country.

Gandhi Before India by Ramachandra Guha PDF Download

Guha himself vindicates the great nation through his book. Guha takes a generally positive look upon the founders of Indian democracy, but he lauds Jawaharlal Nehru most of all. Why does not the Last Trumpet sound? He deftly sidestepped challengers, and was able to hold his own during periods of strife and conflict. In the subsequent election campaign, Rajiv was assassinated by a Tamil extremist.

And still, it was exactly the country that so many of the freedom fighters fought for. He fought hard to keep India from succumbing to Communalism on one had, and Communism on the other. This had mixed results in India for a number of reasons, but did successfully start India down the road to Industrialization. In today's new context, theologians, despite objections from some quarters, are struggling to discover the Asian face of Jesus, disfigured by the Greco-Roman Church. Another aspect which was quite amusing is the coverage given to Kashmir throughout the book.

The book begins by examining the fracturing of the Indian National Congress, smackdown game softonic with Pakistan and India splitting into two nation states. India sent in thousands of troops and annexed Hyperbad soon after independence.

First of all, I would like to thank Ramachandra Guha for writing this book. Books by Ramachandra Guha.