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Not a season filled with unnecessary drama. After seeing it you realize what is it. Now Kurt is single, and hopefully ready to mingle. Sara I was all excited until I saw he was going to be with Blaine. They know what they're doing.

This is crossing the line, im a bigfan, but i will literately stop watching if this happens Anne Are you just trolling for hits or are they this dumb?

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Blaine is the worst character ever. Hated how they left his story without telling us happened to him after the suicide atempt.

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So far, they've created some of the best television shows that are going to live in history forever. There's really nothing intentionally mean spirited or hurtful about it. Who am I to creatively challenge any of them?

Who is Darren Criss dating? Darren Criss girlfriend, wife

Whatever they decide to do, I'm on board. Look forward to a great final episode.

Who is Max Adler dating? Max Adler girlfriend, wife

Besides Max Adler acting is really great. Just two guys who met and rebounded and found each other. Six years later, we have such history both on and off set, and there's such a rapport. What a big shift for him personally. As the actor, I'm aware that the Klaine fans are understandably in an uproar, coralli molli online dating and nobody wants to see Kurt crying and upset.

What to Read Next

The last season should be about everyone who was originally on the show and it should be a happy last season. Of course, you'll see how everything unfolds as the season goes. It's like you're working with your friends.

Ryan murphy really needs a reality check, Klaine is the only good thing about this show. Kurt and Blaine are supposed to be getting married. Karofsky being involved with Kurt is much more reasonable and interesting.

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