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Although there are other rivals to Visio that offer Confluence integration, SmartDraw has the best by some distance. You can get started now with SmartDraw for free to judge for yourself. And I doubt if it ever will.

If you just want to draw a few disgarams, Pages part of the Apple iWork suite has object and line drawing capabilities. Lucidchart makes collaboration a core feature.

In conclusion, we once again bring our apologies for the inconvenience. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. If you like to draw diagrams on your iPad, MyDraw also supports the Apple Pencil and other graphics tablets that work with Macs. If not, are their plans to make it work?

We are totally and completely on your side. Now they discontinue the ConceptDraw and have new ConceptDiagram which is the same yet new features, but again they failed with the import of Visio stencils.

This means less time sketching flowcharts and process flows manually. Glad you found ConceptDraw to be a good alternative to Visio on Mac. Please note, Teams is sold separately from Visio.

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If there is anything that I can do for you regarding this issue, feel free to post back. It is free and cross platform.

It includes lots of different keyboard shortcuts for ease of access. LucidChart offers a free limited version for single users, but to use all the features users must purchase monthly subscriptions. Learn more about Visio A crash course in Visio. You can also read our full Textografo review for a more detailed look at it.

Visio for Mac Try These Alternatives on Mac OS X

Patty, Glad it helped you! Visio Online is definitely not a replacement for Visio on Mac. This makes a big difference compared to Visio where you have to do a lot more painstaking and tedious manual adjustment of swimlanes, text wrapping, shapes and other diagram elements. With Lucidchart, you can simply import your files and continue working. Ok, I know this is an old thread, but seriously?

It supports all Visio formats including. Edraw Max is a cheaper desktop alternative to Visio but with a strikingly similar interface. It automatically translates complex data that you give it into useful flowcharts and diagrams. This is another big plus over Visio which offers no official way of even viewing Visio diagrams in Confluence, never mind actually create diagrams in it.

Microsoft visio for mac

Creately is a lot simpler than Visio but you can create some pretty impressive diagrams, Venn diagrams, flowcharts and process flows with it. Read more about flowchart software Unconventional uses of flow chart software Read more. One of the biggest advantages SmartDraw has over Visio is the Smart Formatting and auto-diagramming features. Avoid email attachment overload and single-user editing, and never worry about backups again.

Which Visio Online plan should I purchase? Engineering and software shapes for Visio Sandrila Ltd.

The best thing about SmartDraw is that it does everything that Visio can but makes it far simpler and faster. Can Visio open ConceptDraw files?

Microsoft visio for mac

Installation is successful. With your documents in the cloud, you always have access to the most up-to-date version.

One area where SmartDraw even blows Visio out of the water is in templates and objects. Impressively detailed review!

OmniPlan is also a powerful project management tool which makes a great replacement for Microsoft Project on Mac. Office is tied to the desktop version of Microsoft Visio which isn't available for Mac. SmartDraw is easily the most powerful yet easy to use alternative to Microsoft Visio on a Mac. Visio desktop comes with a robust library of built-in and third-party templates and shapes, matlab for as well as integrated collaboration tools.

You can also check out our full MyDraw review for more. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Transitioning to the cloud makes it easy to bring people together. However, there are some free alternatives to Visio that allow a certain amount of diagram making for free. You will find however that there are strict limitations on them such as the number of diagrams, tools and files you can save.

Visio for Mac Try These Alternatives on Mac OS X

Any update on when the free Visio Alternatives to Mac article is going to be released? SmartDraw is hard to beat as a powerful but far easier to use alternative to Visio. Visio Pro for Office is a standalone subscription. This is a completely relevant thread.

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