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Yamaha Motif Rack Sound Module. Buttons are generally laid out in a logical fashion, allows the user to control recording and playback, load samples, or edit sounds and effects. This module is a bit pricier, but we think it is a great option for professional musicians and home producers who want a highly distinct synthesizer sound at a reasonable price.

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If you need a portable module to take to and from a music class or band practice, you do not want to buy a device that sounds great but is too bulky to carry around. We were impressed with the woodwind and brass instruments on this module, which surpassed the tones heard on some of the more costly modules and computer file sound banks.

In some sound modules, built-in speakers provide the output. Finally, you will want to know how to hook up a sound module. However, we found it problematic that the sound bank contains fewer instruments than less-expensive devices. Therefore this model is mostly meant for individuals who prefer to program music. Start the discussion at talk.

At the same time, though, the display appears a bit simplistic. You should be aware of a few other ways that sound modules can differ from each other. We found this device useful enough to rank on our list of top modules, but there are some shortcomings that could limit its utility for many musicians. First, you need an input device, sometimes also referred to as a controller.

This device has sounds, which is more than most other comparably priced sounds modules offer, from pianos and organs to strings and brass instruments. Sound modules emulate different types of sounds using digital technology.

The S-Engine is one of the lower-cost modules available. We also liked the ability to save specific effects settings as profiles for individual sounds.

These users could use the pre-built drum loops or create their own and have a rhythm section to help them practice vocals or their instrument of choice. Yet, at the same time, there are other modules that offer a bigger bang for the buck. We liked the backlit pixel display and relatively simple layout, too, because they would ensure musicians could easily access their favorite instruments during live performances. Enabling an effect like reverb can also change the way the waveform is processed and played back, without changing the timbre of the waveform itself. However, most of the sound customization must still be performed on the module itself, meaning you will only be able to pitch shift and change notes via the input devices.

If you know you will be using a specific instrument tone often, you may wish to make sure the S-Engine contains it. Some of the more specialized modules deliver crisp, clear drum samples, or the perfect string crescendo. Of all of the sound modules we researched, though, this model had the most complex layout, as the module uses knobs to control many of the effects. The effects also go beyond many of the standards included in sound modules, encompassing flangers, amplifier emulation, and cross-fading between channels.

The layout of the module uses a variety of sliders that permit for high levels of customized sounds and effect edits. Choosing a sound module can feel like an overwhelming task. If you are using a sound module with a digital piano or computer, the speakers from those devices can serve as your output. Additionally, the module has a software package that is compatible with both Windows and Linux, which we thought could help musicians who like to customize all of their module sounds.

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As we noted above, the sound module market has become more expansive and diversified over the years. The S-Engine also has numerous drum samples, making it handy for situations where you might want to program a beat for a song or create your own rhythm track. Reviewers have praised the preset sounds for having rich tones that come close to a warm, analog sound.

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To get the most out of a sound module, you will want to know a few things about them before shopping around. We think that the small size of the miniEngine could be great or musicians who will be taking their sound module to and from a music class, practice space or gigs.

We noted that there were large numbers of instruments already present on the module, and liked that users could directly record using the module without hooking it up to another device. This way, if you enable reverb on a violin sound, you will still hear the same violin, but the instrument will sound fuller. The input device lets you enter the notes you wish to play. New module users might find the layout confusing, though, as it differs from many other modules. Your basic knowledge of the sound module market should include how the leading devices compare in terms of these features.

You may need headphones or a device that can provide both input and output, like a digital piano or a computer with its own speakers, to ensure you can hear certain sound modules. Buy on Amazon Current Amazon. Other sound modules mainly excel in doing just a few things but doing them well. For reliability, we conducted extensive research that went beyond just our personal experiences with these devices. Users will need a dedicated space, such as a gear rack, to hold the module, however, because it is somewhat heavy and large.

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We were able to narrow a long list down to ten modules that can meet the needs of the many types of musicians. Even with this many sounds, though, some readers have noted that their favorite instruments were not included in this module. This module lets musicians re-create the recognizable sound of the thirty-year-old Roland Juno synthesizer, still heard in many modern rock, pop, techno, and hip-hop songs. In this sense, even people who primarily play another instrument can make good use of the S-Engine.

Many musicians who work with digital instruments, or know someone who does, are familiar with the debate over whether analog or digital devices sound better. We were impressed at the larger number of sound options with this module, as it has many more instruments and drum samples, along with pre-programmed loops, when compared to less expensive modules. The more robust sound comes from the waveform being replicated at a slightly different tone when you play a given note. Other modules do not have their own speakers, so will you need to hook up a pair of headphones or speakers to the module to hear anything, even when you have the input hooked up to the module. More instruments and drum samples, along with pre-programmed loops, compared to less expensive modules.

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Delivers more than sounds, along with plenty of effects and recording features, in one compact, user-friendly package. Although a few modules can generate their own output sounds, many are intended to be routed through speakers. Not only are companies manufacturing new modules all of the time, but many have begun to develop sound modules that emulate the sounds of classic synthesizers. The melodica is a free-reed instrument like the harmonica and pump organ. The display and controls are straightforward and simple, vector parkour game for pc as the manufacturer seems to have developed it with sound module novices in mind.

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