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After all, Usagi Yojimbo wasn't up there, and the two franchises are pretty good friends. When both sets of turtles fight their Mirage counterparts, who would've likely killed them had Leo not mention Shredder's name.

Might count as a Chekov's Lesson. The way each group of turtles act towards each other place it firmly in this trope.

We save April at least once a day. The and Mirage Turtles, as well as the worlds they come from are drawn in their original art styles.

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So you're supposed to be us, from other worlds. Hun moves just in time to avoid being hit by Master Splinter's walking stick, and it struck Rocksteady instead. We found out it was during the movie and Hun was the one responsible. Invoked twice and lampshaded.

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The Turtles may be goofy clowns compared to their counterparts, but they're still helpful when the situation calls for it. Hun is reluctant to serve Ch'Rell again, as he cut all ties with the Foot when he learned that his master was an alien. Well, literally none of the Turtles could defeat him, the mutation actually makes his chances at winning against the Turtles better. It could be that if there was more room to show them, non exclusively dating those worlds could have been shown. The death of the Mirage Turtles will trigger the end of The Multiverse.

The Turtles, their cast, and their lighter and softer, more-family friendly attitude. The universes not shown may have been omitted for more than just being the most hated incarnations. Right down to drawing shadows as tightly clustered black dots on a white background, like an actual black-and-white comic would use.

The Mirage Turtles, They only helped their counterparts because they have an enemy in common Shredder. While initially thought useless by the Turtles, it actually saves them from being erased from the universe forever. There's even a moment where, before they all go off to fight him, the Turtles point out to the Turtles that their Shredder is much deadlier than the Shredder. We strike hard, and fade away into the night.

Bebop and Rocksteady could be argued to be this. It includes the Anime Turtles. People are surprised by this as would be expected. Not to mention the Mirage Turtles themselves.

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Utrom Shredder, as well as the Mirage Turtles, who, until Leonardo mentioned The Shredder, looked like they were set to kill their alternate universe counterparts. The Utrom Shredder isn't anything like your Shredder. It mirrors a previous gambit where the Shredder lures the turtles into the Technodrome, where he is able to capture them in order to obtain the location to Turtle Prime. The trope is later played straight when the teams end up in the universe, where rampaging living bananas fighting mutant turtles don't even get a glance from residents. The exploding throwing stars from the universe.

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Take a look at the pedestrians and see how many variations there are. This is technically the first time the Mirage Turtles have been animated. The universe, as far as the Turtles are concerned.

Which can't be legally represented anyways. You don't understand, the Utrom Shredder isn't anything like your Shredder. Enough to make a lampshade to fit the Statue of Liberty. On the other hand, the existence of a universe isn't really determined on whether it is seen or not.

The Technodrome's laser, which gets upgraded by the Shredder into a weapon capable of destroying entire universes. Even the Raphael calls his Mirage counterpart a hardcase. Arguably a villainous example in Hun, who's mutated into a Turtle monster, how is this awesome? He's actually breaking apart the whole multiverse due to destroying the genesis point of the franchise itself - the original Mirage comic book.

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