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Oauthexception message error validating client secret, preparing the Demo App

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Of course, we may use an if conditional instead, but some time in the future you may add more providers and who knows which inconsistencies that will bring. It should be described as an alternative.

Preparing the Demo App

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That is, anyone with a valid twitter account will be able to generate a user object. You are conflating authentication with account creation in your example. Of course, if my solution presented some serious vulnerability I would pinpoint it or rather stay away from it, but that's not the case here.

Ilya also has some Cisco and Microsoft certificates and was working as a tutor in an educational center for a couple of years. The list of default fields can be found here. He enjoys coding, teaching people and learning new things. That's fine, but your article should at least clearly state that. Still, your concern is understandable and thank you for the feedback.

Have you ever integrated authentication via social networks in your projects? Feel free to refactor this code further. That is, you should describe the least dangerous configuration first and foremost, and then show alternative options. We understand, that if you need to restrict access somehow, additional steps have to be taken. Yeah, maybe I should have pinpoint the fact that creating an account means authenticating as well, but this is clearly seen from the controller's code.

For many applications, that may be the desired behaviour, how long has will and kate been dating but there are many other instances where this is not the case. Happy coding and stay social! Fill in the required fields. Will keep that thing in mind.