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In the end, she closes the box and the label changes to the song title and leaves the box there. Instead, he suggests the daughters of America's billionaires K. Modi as suitable brides for the two brothers-in-law.

The Chaudharies realise their mistake and are deeply apologetic for their behaviour. He also manages to change the Chaudhary family's negative attitudes. But it still falls very much into his special brand of brain-dead, anything-for-a-laugh comedy.

In the chorus, they are seen driving around Hollywood. Each uncle wants Sanjana to marry his respective brother-in-law to inherit her wealth.

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Salman Khan for Ready and Bodyguard. Ready by Kona Venkat, Gopimohan. For other uses, see Ready. Discography Awards and nominations Songs Tours. However, change icon software her uncle Suraj Chaudhary takes her away.

The second schedule of shooting was slated to start in October but was delayed due to eye problems faced by Salman Khan. Do you love that song as much as I do? The film was originally to be shot in Mauritius. Pathak Mithilesh Chaturvedi and Prem's family, the Kapoors.

Best Actor - Comedy or Romance. Theatrical release poster. Prem and Sanjana fall in love and decide to marry. Nisar Akhtar Sajid-Farhad Dialogues.

He then explains to Amar and Suraj how Sanjana's late mother wanted them to unite and get their niece married. British Phonographic Industry.

The song performed better overseas, where it became an international hit. In the end, they are done with their scavenger hunt and they are seen in a rooftop partying.

Ready To Die Album

Shine Vibes - here to inspire you. Every character is over-dressed and over-the-top. The elopement angers Khushi's father, Mr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But on the wedding day, Aryan recovers from his coma, and reveals the truth about Prem.

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His fans will not be disappointed and yes, they will get to see him topless in the climax. Recording Industry Association of America. By then, Prem finds out Sanjana's true identity, and she tells him about her uncles trying to get her married.

He told the media that he will likely file a suit against Pritam for plagiarism. It reached top forty in over twelve countries, and peaked within the top ten in Belgium, Romania, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom, making it her first top ten hit.

Ready To Die Album

We wrote most of the album together. Prem assures Sanjana that she should stay with her uncle, and he will find a way to marry her as well as reunite her whole family. Still, it's got at least two potential mass favourites, complementing its leading man's stylish, crowd-pleasing personality, to offer.

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In the end, Prem and Sanjana get married and their wedding picture is taken with the Kapoors and Chaudharies, a. By clicking I accept, you agree to our Terms of Use. Suraj Choudhary takes the help of Mr. Prem gets the rest of his family to play characters to trick Sanjana's family into letting her marry him. Then in the chorus again, they are seen hanging out downtown and in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And yes, it works at that level. When she opens it, inside are pictures from the music video and below the pictures are the lyrics of the song.

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Sanjana, posing as Pooja, goes to stay with the Kapoors and wins the hearts of the entire family, except Prem, who gets irritated with her. Sunil Patel Thomas Xavier. Salman Khan deserves better than this. Prem convinces Suraj and Amar Chaudhary not to get either of their brothers-in-law married to Sanjana.

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Download Panic At The Disco Ready To Go OFFICIAL VIDEO for free in mp3