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He hates crimes and criminals. With that being said, as far as names go, maybe something like Hubris, Show-off, or Braggart? Afterwards he goes to living in a really remote area in the Rockies.

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They present different heirlooms representing different qualities of strength, wisdom, determination and fearlessness, which were used in creating the green man. Also the sabotaged I was talking about was a bomb placed on the rotor.

Also, can anybody think of a name for these two heroes? The name is based off of the fact that he has a three split personality, and each side has a different power. They are all in their late teens at the start. For name i was thinking Styx or Pandora evil women from greek mythology but those are already taken. This sounds pretty intense for a workplace vendetta.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. With other publishers, I think the odds of getting sued are considerably lower unless you stumbled upon a really distinctive name that is already taken, like Savage Dragon or Hellboy. Just worry about making your story otherwise publishable and the publisher will sort out the legal issues. Someone who is completely immune to the effects of heat, and as an effect, can set themselves on fire and project it. But the rest of the characters are nameless.

It adds a touch of irony, because tarantulas look scary but relatively harmless, while my villain looks like a congenial and unassuming old man, but he is actually a nasty, cruel and venomous person. What type of power do you think he would suit his role? Caitlan Reardon is a superhumanly stubborn woman who manipulates electricity. After a year of working for this man she comes home and tells Raymond that she shot someone and now the police are after her. What actual powers does he have?

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Thank you for the input and your time. Maybe you should have a few species of aliens and then name them seperately. She largely provides the team with behind-the-scenes support.

Conversely, they can also be very just or rigidly moral. For example, archexteriors vol 11 an explicitly cerebral name e.

So recently I developed an idea involving aliens. So I understand your problem and can oly advise you to do what I did. It definitely makes more sense with that added information.

Rehnaa Hai Teree Dil Mein. Something like Elemental Lord. My character Max is a graffitti artist in Chicago who wants more than anything to be famous. You have been bestowed with the powers to save this polluted earth. For first names, maybe something like Edgar or Arthur.

It was kinda scary at the time but its kind of funny now. The problem is not that we have no ideas, the problem is that we have too many choices, so if we can limit our choices we find it easier to create more specific ideas.

One night a crime boss comes and Raymond has to protect her. He was one of the first subjects to live through the experimentation and training. How did they survive the cold? You could go with something like Touch since he has the ability to drain plasma through skin contact but defiantly work on the personality. If the term is generally used in other context e.

This is because these people are capable of harnessing their magic through another dimension entirely. These creatures are able to be altered by thier summoners in order to prepare them for what they are being summoned for. He had to take drugs in order to stay alive. But can Jackie carry two guns to replace laser eye vision? The kind of guy who tries to slip away unnoticed, perhaps?

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Peter Petrelli or a Gatsby-style adopted name e. He can also fire phsycic energy blasts from his hands. However the age group we are dealing with might not be able to get the referencing.

Audible Download Audio Books. And by reckless I mean that he readily jumps into fight without thinking of the consequences. She has a goal of meking the world a better place, but the what she wants more that anything is fall in love woth someone who will love her unconditionally and not just for her looks. Her real weakness is her own mind.

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If you wanted it to look more heroic, a symbol could always be added too. Comes out of the process far more jaded. In most cases, it matters even less than the costume does. During this time, he also proposes and begins controlling her more and more, demanding she move in with him, keeping her away from other friends. Explain more and provide personality traits and I may be able to help!