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Customize your map limits and scale, then reload the data or add new data. The data can be randomly dispersed over the map area, and Surfer's gridding will interpolate your data onto a grid. They can be scaled, resized, limited and moved. If your data are already collected in a regularly spaced rectangular array, you can create a map directly from your data.

At any given grid node, the direction of the arrow points in the direction of the steepest descent. Choose to turn off antialiasing for text and lines.

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Create your classes for a classed post map exactly how you want them, and save the settings to a file! Add a color scale to show the values of the different colors!

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Alternatively, you can select a point in the worksheet and that point will be identified in the plot window! Select any object or map layer in the object manager for easy deletion.

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Find the data you need or replace all values at once with the Find and Replace commands in the worksheet! The two components of the vector mapping, direction and magnitude, are automatically generated from a single grid by computing the gradient of the represented surface. Save time and frustration by importing georeferenced image files in their real world coordinates, ready to combine with other map types. Map overlays give you a way to combine any number of contour, wireframe, vector, base, and post maps. You can perform vector mapping from information in one grid or two separate grids.

Area and length calculations are here! You can load any number of base maps on a page.

Customizng your groundwater modeling has never been more simple. Post your original data point locations on a contour map to show the distribution of data points on the map, and to demonstrate the accuracy of the gridding methods you use. Adding multiple map layers to your map gives you a way to combine different types of data in one map.

Surfer Single License Academic. Why do more work than you need when you have Surfer working for you! In this way you can automate repetitive tasks, create front ends for running Surfer, escala or carry out any task that Surfer can do.

These maps use different colors to indicate surface slope and slope direction relative to a user-defined light source direction. Select objects in the object manager to easily edit them and to show or hide them. For each posted point, specify the symbol and label type, size, and angle.

When more than one window is open, tabs appear at the top of the screen, allowing you to simply click on a tab to switch to that window. You can create vector maps from information in one grid or two separated grids. And with Surfer Contouring Software, you can add color fill between contours to produce dazzling displays of your maps or produce gray scale fills for dramatic black and white printouts. Add frequently used coordinate systems to your Favorites list to be easily accessible in the future. Surfer is more compatible than ever with different data sources.


You have a multitude of gridding methods to choose from, so you can produce exactly the map you want. Use the variogram modeling subsystem to quantitatively assess the spatial continuity of data. Post your sample locations, well locations, or original data point locations on a contour map to show the distribution of data points on the map.

Use the variogram modeling subsystem to quantitatively assess the spatial continuity of data or data interpolation eg. Faults act as barriers to the information flow, and data on one side of the fault will not be directly used to calculate grid node values on the other side of the fault. You can add, copy, paste and delete objects from a base map, or double click on a particular object to edit its individual properties.

For instance, the Contours layer is selected in the object manager in the image below, and you can change the map contouring properties in the property manager. Surfer Contouring Software quickly and easily converts your data into outstanding contour maps and surface plots.

Surfer Contouring Software has well-organized and easy-to-read menus. With the help of GroundwaterSoftware. With help from GroundwaterSoftware. Overlay vector maps on contour or wireframe maps to enhance the presentation.

Surfer imports maps in many different formats to display geographic information. Labels that have been moved can optionally be linked to the corresponding post map symbol with a connection line. Didger Digitizing, georeferencing software.

It is easy to overlay a base map on a contour or surface wireframe map, allowing you to diversify your mapping and display geographic information in combination with the three dimensional data. Each gridding method provides complete control over the gridding parameters, so you can produce exactly the map you want.