Suzuki Gsxr 750 Manual

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When installing the bearing, stamped mark on the bearing must face outside. If engine coolant is leaking, visually inspect the mechanical seal and seal washer. If the external appearance of the valve shows no abnormal con- dition, removing of the valve is not necessary.

Not enough engine coolant Add coolant. When the fast idle cam is turned by the secondary throttle valve actuator, the cam pushes the lever on the throttle valve shaft causing the throttle valve to open and raise the engine speed. Thrust washer F is located between the pressure plate and bearing E. Save the data in the computer or by printing and filing the hard copies.

If any damages are found, replace the swingarm with a new one. It is at softest position and turn it out to standard setting position. Place a rag underneath the union bolt on the brake caliper to catch any split brake fluid. Apply engine oil to each running and sliding part before reas- sembling.

Suzuki recommends to use this standard drive chain as a replacement. Holding the manual as shown at the right will allow you to find the first page of the section easily. The text of this manual is divided into sections. Make sure that the brake disc is clean and free of any greasy matter.

Suzuki GSX-R750 Manual

Organize the parts in their respective groups e. Distorted steering stem Replace.

Suzuki gsxr repair manual

Faulty cooling fan Repair or replace. Poor seating of valves Replace or repair. If there is no abnormal condition, the mechanical seal removal is not necessary.

Worn tappet or cam surface Replace. The saved or filed data are useful for troubleshooting as they can be compared periodically with changes over time or failure conditions of the motorcycle. It is highly recommended to replace a tire when the remaining depth of tire tread reaches the following specification. Defective ignition coils Replace. This adjustment will vary from motorcycle to motorcycle.

Worn and burnt camshaft journal Replace. This will give a good indication of the condition of the moving parts. Keep heat, spark and flame away. If any defects are found, the fuel feed hose must be replaced. If no air bubbles are coming up from a filler port, tap the bottom of the electrolyte container two or three times.

SUZUKI GSX-F 750 Technische Tekeningen Manual

When adjusting the clutch lifter, it is not necessary to install the clutch onto the countershaft. Test the thermostat at the bench for control action, in the follow- ing manner. Never reuse brake fluid left over from the last servicing or stored for long periods. Do not support the motorcycle with exhaust pipe.

Use nonflammable cleaning solvent to wipe off oily or greasy matter and make these surfaces completely dry. Radiator core clogged with dirt or scale Clean. Never perform any servicing until the nitrogen gas pressure has been released from the rear shock absorber unit. Before inserting each piston into the cylinder, check that the gaps are so located.

Broken bearing in steering stem Replace. Align the gearshift cam pin B with the gearshift cam stopper plate hole C. Heavy carbon deposit on piston crowns Clean. Organize the parts in their respective groups i. Also replace the seal ring if necessary.

Valve clearance out of adjustment Adjust. Defective cooling fan relay, or open- or short- Repair or replace. First check the insulation between A and B terminals with tester. For this purpose, use of such an inspection form such as below will facilitate collecting information required for proper analysis and diagnosis. If any, quran encyclopedia replace them with a specified set of bearings.

Suzuki GSX-R750 Manual

Scribe the cylinder number on the piston head. The fuel in the fuel tank is pumped up by the fuel pump and pressurized fuel flows into the injector installed in the fuel delivery pipe.

The color on each lead wire refers to the appropriate fuel injector. When installing the cylinder head, keep the cam chain taut. If necessary, replace it with a new one. Do not use mix different types of fluid such as silicone-based or petroleum-based.

There is no fuel return hose. Refer to page listed in each section for removal and reinstallation instructions. Too narrow spark plug gaps Adjust.

Suzuki GSX-R Manual

This mea- surement should be taken at the widest part of the com- pressed plastigauge. Neglecting proper procedure may cause damage to this part. Grasp by the edge of the bearing shell.


If the resistance is incorrect, replace the fuel level gauge with a new one. Check that all chassis bolts and nuts are tightened to their specified torque. The rpm pointer is driven by the stepping motor.