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This probably didn't happen in real life, but mistaken identities are a common plot twist in many Korean historical dramas. He means everything to her. After the birth of Prince Yeongjo the once lowly water maid Dong Yi graduates to become Suk Bin, a title rank higher than just a concubine. Dong Yi is also musical and her talents attract attention in the court.

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The earlier Korean drama Yi San is a good followup to watch after Dong Yi so that you can gain an understanding of this royal family line, speed dating funny questions their conflicts and achievements. Later the Queen sadly dies and there is a scramble for power in the court. Dong Yi is a Korean drama that is one of the very best historical stories prepared for the small screen. That's why I suggest starting with Dong Yi first.

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The Suk Bin is a title not a real name so it indicates that she rose within the court to become a cherished person to the King. She raises her son into a well-balanced and educated person though strict discipline, and she is rewarded by seeing him become King. She wisely maneuvers through the deadly serious, treacherous political infighting in the royal court, in order to survive and protect her son.

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If you pace yourself well you will find it's worth your time. He enjoys her treating him as a non-Royal because of not knowing his real identity at first.